Three Benefits of Executive Education

by Brent Williams

Have you been thinking about enrolling in an executive education course? Or have you thought that a customized executive education program could be a great way to further develop your team? Here are three reasons that executive education may make sense for you and your team.

Executive Education is an engaging learning experience.

Many leaders and managers automatically think executive education means taking a week-long, leadership program in a university classroom. While a week-long, leadership program is certainly one example of an executive education program, the Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas offers executive education in many forms. We host short workshops on emerging technologies, half-day leadership seminars, and longer courses on specific topics. We even build and deliver customized, online executive education courses. Long story short, executive education programs come in many different forms and cover a variety of topics that contain interesting content, are led by engaging instructors and involve lively discussion and interactions.

Executive Education provides opportunities to create relationships with other leaders and managers.

I have witnessed executive education experiences create meaningful relationships that span organizations. Last year, the Walton College hosted a program in Little Rock, Arkansas which we call Leadership Circle for Healthcare. This program consisted of five, half-day seminars, a three-day intensive experience, and one-on-one leadership coaching. Participants from a variety of healthcare organizations throughout Arkansas enrolled. Over the five-month period, I witnessed leaders, who work in different organizations across the state of Arkansas, build meaningful relationships with one another. These relationships are beneficial when a leader needs an outside perspective to solve a difficult problem or a connection in another region of the state.

Executive Education will enable leaders, managers, and teams to thrive in a changing business landscape.

How many times have you heard that “the world is changing”? I hear it almost every day. I think it is true and actually thrilling. The change happening around us offers tremendous opportunities. To take advantage of these opportunities, leaders, managers, and teams must be comfortable with the change that is occurring. They must have a working knowledge of how technology, for example, is changing business, and understand how an organization can capitalize on the change. Executive Education can help leaders, managers and teams stay current on emerging trends. For example, Walton College Executive Education hosted a program called Truth and Lies about Blockchains led by Dr. Mary Lacity. She is a renowned scholar and director of the Walton College Blockchain Center of Excellence. This brief course helped participants to grasp the basics of this technology and identify trends that will affect their organizations.

Enrolling in an executive education course or building a custom program for your team is an investment in developing skills, knowledge, and relationships. In today’s world, lifelong learning is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity. I encourage you to consider executive education courses and programs that will increase knowledge, build relationships and encourage innovative ideas. So, keep your eyes open for a course that interests you or feel free to contact Walton College Executive Education if you are interested in discussing a custom course for your team or organization.