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Walton College Executive Education programs are designed to strengthen leadership and management skills for individuals who aspire to increase their business knowledge and develop themselves as leaders. We offer a unique interactive group-based learning environment that allows participants from a variety of industries to collaborate on the challenges and opportunities they are facing. Through these learning opportunities, participants develop actionable skills and new insights to advance their careers and implement within their organizations.


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Proven Leader Certificate

“The talent of my fellow participants from healthcare institutions across the state is impressive. I enjoyed getting to know each of them and creating a network within the state. The Walton College Executive Education created a meaningful leadership program. I am thankful to Dr. Cam Patterson, our UAMS chancellor, and to the other leaders of health institutions who participated for their commitment to developing employees in the state of Arkansas."

Amy Wenger, Chief of Staff
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences,
Chancellor’s office

"The Walton College Executive Education, in collaboration with Milestone Leadership, crafted a fantastic program that brought emerging healthcare leaders across the state together to learn and collaborate. The content dives deep to force participants to truly reflect and understand key characteristics of a successful leader. Additionally, the networking opportunity to connect with others in the healthcare industry across Arkansas is invaluable. I would highly recommend this program to any healthcare leader looking for a way to continue personal growth and increase impact.”

David Fortner, Executive Director
Mercy Northwest Arkansas

"I found the leadership training courses to be extremely beneficial as I consider my personal leadership path. I came away from the classes with practical ways I can develop myself as a leader. This training will definitely help me approach opportunities and challenges at work from a different perspective as I consider the competencies of a great leader and apply that knowledge to my own decision making process and subsequent actions.”

Emily Money, Central Arkansas Development
Director for the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

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