Walton College Executive Education partners with Milestone Leadership to create an immersive six-month program providing industry leaders with skills, experiences and connections that create a lasting personal, professional and industry impact.


Why Participate?

  • Develop meaningful relationships

  • Receive honest, constructive and developmental feedback

  • Become a truly impactful and inspiring leader

  • Build a diverse, local industry network

What will I Learn?

  • Create strategic partnerships to deliver results

  • Influence the internal organization on a larger stage

  • Navigate a cross-functional organization

  • Manage stress to sustain high performance

  • Use data and the analytical process to drive decisions

What are the Program Components?

  • Small-group, peer-to-peer format. Up to fifteen participants across industries who learn, grow and develop relationships.
  • Unique access to great leaders. Converse with successful industry leaders who share their leadership journeys.
  • Personalized coaching and development. Receive up to four hours of one-on-one executive coaching and develop an individual development plan.
  • Intensive residential experience. Come together for a unique three-and-a-half-day deep dive into personal leadership challenges and opportunities.

Leadership Circle Program Overview

Check out our dynamic group sessions and convenient schedule.

More Programs for Individuals


Curious about Walton College Executive Education courses? Time to give one a try! Our complimentary webinars offer a preview to our open enrollment programs. Join us for an introduction to a variety of business, communication and leadership topics.

Open Enrollment Courses

Walton College Executive Education programs are designed to strengthen leadership and management skills for individuals who aspire to increase their business knowledge and develop themselves as leaders.

Proven Leader Certificate

The certificate will be awarded upon the completion of three leadership courses within a 24-month period. The courses that fulfill the certificate requirements are The Power of Leadership, Ethical Leadership and Strategic Leadership.

"The Walton College Executive Education, in collaboration with Milestone Leadership, crafted a fantastic program that brought emerging healthcare leaders across the state together to learn and collaborate. The content dives deep to force participants to truly reflect and understand key characteristics of a successful leader. Additionally, the networking opportunity to connect with others in the healthcare industry across Arkansas is invaluable. I would highly recommend this program to any healthcare leader looking for a way to continue personal growth and increase impact.”

David Fortner, Executive Director
Mercy Northwest Arkansas

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