Leadership Circle for Healthcare


A comprehensive, cohort-based leadership development experience designed to build great leaders in the healthcare industry by developing the skills necessary to deliver results.

Unique access to great leaders.

Dialogue with highly successful industry leaders as they share their experiences.



  • Five 1/2-day sessions
  • Personal executive coach
  • 3 1/2-day intensive leadership program
  • Assessments
  • All meals and materials as required

Small-group peer-to-peer format.

Cohorts of up to fifteen participants across various healthcare system will learn how to do the following, over five half-day sessions.


  • Learn to create strategic partnerships to deliver results.
  • Influence their internal organization on a larger stage.
  • Effectively navigate a cross-functional organization.
  • Manage stress to sustain high performance.
  • Use data and the analytic process to drive decisions.
  • Build a diverse, local industry network.
  • Engage the cohort in-between sessions online centered around unique leadership content.

Personalized coaching and development.

Our facilitators and executive coaches use assessment instruments and data to drive individual development conversations.


  • Enrollment in an intensive 3 1/2-day personal leadership program, delivering growth in the area of emotional intelligence.
  • Individual development plan, co-created with each participant’s manager. 
  • Up to four hours of one-on-one executive coaching.

Leadership Session Content


Fall 2019 Cohort Nominations are currently being accepted.
Please contact Debbie Davis for additional information.