90 Seconds with Walton


Walton College Executive Education has introduced a new social media series called “90 seconds with Walton.” The series is comprised of 90 second long videos in which Walton College faculty and subject matter experts share a small piece of knowledge or advice. The goal of the series is to engage with the Walton community and share relevant knowledge and tools to navigate and flourish during this difficult time. Topics range from communication, healthcare, ethics, innovation and supply chain within new perspectives in the context of the pandemic. Videos can be viewed on the organization’s Linkedin.



Empathy in Action

Stacie Burley provides great insight into how innovation can create impactful empathy during these challenging times!


Stacie Burley provides another great video to remind us how to connect with our teams on a human level and the value behind it.


Innovation is at the Doorstep

Stacie Burley shares encouragement on how this is the most valuable time to begin the innovation process- when our normal is disrupted.


Telecommuting Ground Rules

To help us adjust to working from home, Ryan Sheets provides insightful tips to help your team communicate well!


Telecommuting without Distractions

Distractions can be frequent when working from home. Luckily, Ryan Sheets has helpful points to remove distractions and productively connect with your team!


3 Key Integrity Lessons from COVID-19 

Cindy Moehring presents three crucial integrity lessons from #covid19. Even during these times, we can learn key concepts to ethically develop our workplaces.

The Defense Production Act and COVID-19

Sarah Dobrzykowski gives a relevant overview of the Defense Production Act to help us understand its importance during COVID-19.

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