90 Seconds
with Walton

About the Series

Walton College Executive Education has introduced a new social media series called “90 seconds with Walton.” The series is comprised of 90 second long videos in which Walton College faculty and subject matter experts share a small piece of knowledge or advice. The goal of the series is to engage with the Walton community and share relevant knowledge and tools to navigate and flourish during this difficult time. Topics range from communication, healthcare, ethics, innovation and supply chain within new perspectives in the context of the pandemic. Videos can be viewed on the organization’s Linkedin.

Corporate Innovation

Emotional Intelligence and leadership

A new normal for social strategy

Media relations during COVID-19

Managing the message during a crisis

The next new normal

Managing Stress

Leading with Equity

COVID and FMLA time off

Innovation is a process

Be creative- Get more dots

Strategic planning in uncertain times

Self Care while telecommuting

Get In Touch &

Start a Conversation